Therapeutic Text Messaging:

Is a fantastic means for counseling/therapy, and comes in ideally handy when time is

  • If you're in your hospital bed late at night with no one available to talk to
  • On a train or bus travelling to some distant destination or another state, with lots to resolve
  • Facing spiritual warfare that is deemed mental and you need to confirm
  • At a boring seminar with lots on your mind to contend with
  • Sitting as director or manager in your office with financial issues/decisions to resolve
  • Preparing mentally for a pending challenge or fight

Simply process the fee and get one of our online counselors to provide therapeutic guidance on the spur of the moment, without the need to reveal your identity and risk your personal affairs being released to any third parties. Talk to a stranger whom you won't have to meet nor know, who can provide the best solutions without any conflicts of interests.